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Custom Earmolds and Earplugs

Good hearing health starts with protecting your hearing from damaging noise.  Sudden or prolonged exposure to noise is one of the leading causes of hearing loss. Hearing loss from prolonged noise exposure is often detected too late, meaning the hearing loss is usually irreversible.

Hearing protection is extremely important for anyone who is regularly in a high-noise environment, including target shooters, motorcyclists, pilots, musicians, truck drivers, construction workers, farmers, and factory workers. The truth is that anyone subject to noise exposure may need to wear hearing protection to protect their long-term hearing.

The following noises are especially dangerous with repeat exposure: lawn mowers, truck and tractor engines, motorcycles, garbage trucks, chain saws, pneumatic drills, musical concerts, gun shots and jet engines, to name a few.

Though over-the-counter earplugs offer some protection, custom earmolds and earplugs offer maximum protection as well as a comfortable fit that is designed specifically for your ears. They offer more security in knowing that your ears have the best possible protection against hearing loss.

Custom earmolds

Earmolds come in a wide variety of sizes, colors and types. Some earmolds are solid, and some are soft or spongy. The most popular styles are full-shell and half-shell. Full-shell earmolds are generally for high-level noise exposure, while half-shell are for mid-level noise exposure. The type of earmold your hearing professional recommends will depend on your individual needs.

Some earmolds come with a filtered attenuator, allowing for verbal communication while still protecting hearing, which is popular with musicians and others who work in noisy environments. These types of earmolds come in both electronic and non-electronic models. Earmolds are also popular for fitting over certain earbud headphones, under pilot boom-mic headsets, and other specialty uses.

As the name implies, custom earmolds are made custom to fit the unique contour of your ear. If you cannot get a comfortable or secure fit with off-the-shelf earplugs, custom earmolds may be for you. They offer some of the best hearing protection available.

Custom earplugs

Earplugs are hearing protection that are designed to be worn in the canal only. Some earplugs are solid, while others allow for more sound to pass through. Specialized earplugs are available for musicians and medical professionals who still want the ability to hear most of their surroundings while protecting their hearing.

Specialty earplugs can be custom fit for your ear canal and are typically more comfortable than non-custom earplugs. Custom earplugs can be equipped with handles or detachable cords.

Earmolds and earplugs are not just for those who wish to protect themselves from high noise levels. Custom solutions are also available for other hobbies and activities, such as custom earplugs for swimmers, hunters or to be worn while sleeping.

Whatever your unique lifestyle, your hearing professional has custom solutions to fit your needs. If you work in a high-noise environment, it's important to have regular hearing evaluations to check for early indications of hearing loss. Speak with your audiologist today about the right solution for you. Be proactive and invest in technology to protect your hearing now, so you can prevent future hearing loss-related expenses.


Get Protected with SoundGear

A single gunshot can result in permanent hearing damage. Wearing hearing protection is essential, however we know that most hearing protection can make it difficult to talk to your shooting partners or be uncomfortable.

SoundGear digital hearing protection is designed specifically to solve those issues and provides the ultimate in hearing protection for hunters and shooters. It provides 25 dB of noise suppression, along with high-definition audio enhancement of speech and ambient noise, so you can hear the sounds of nature or enjoy chatting with your hunting companions.

Hearing protection for children

We want to ensure the safety of our children in every situation and protecting their hearing from harm should be no different. Once hearing is lost, it cannot be brought back without the use of hearing aids. The social, emotional and cognitive impacts of hearing loss are severe. Because hearing is critical to a child’s development, it is critical that we begin considering their hearing protection needs at a young age. Custom fit earplugs are enjoyable for children to wear and are available in a variety of colors or can be designed to blend in with skin tone. Contact your audiologist today to learn more about protecting your child’s hearing.