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Patient Testimonials

We are so thankful for our patients. Here are some kind things they had to say about us:

"I tell everybody that Sondra is an amazing audiologist.  She is great at explaining things to me, so that I understand them.  When she first started working with me, she told me I would be wasting my money amplifying my right ear, which is completely deaf.  She could have sold me a hearing aid, but she was honest with me and put my needs first.  She always takes care of what I need and she goes the extra mile.  She is very professional and reliable.  I love to promote Dr. Rierson and her services to everyone I know!" - Jeff Sebring

"I have been to three other hearing establishments-two in Carroll and one in Ames.  I heard Dr. Rierson's ad on the radio and decided to give it a try.  At the other place I went to I was treated like an old lady and I felt like I meant nothing. With Dr. Rierson, you are a person-your hearing matters and you matter!  She adjusted my hearing aids and sent one in.  I hear better now than the last five years.  TV is a lot better! Thanks Dr. Rierson!"                        -Donna Ankenbauer

"I was visiting my daughter at Auburn.  I am wearing hearing aids, but I was asking "what?" a lot. She took me to Dr. Rierson at Adaptive Audiology. She checked my ears for hearing and for wax.  She gave my hearing aids a good cleaning and adjusted the settings.  My hearing is much better, and I will go back in six months to have them checked again.  I am one happy 98 year old lady thanks to Dr. Rierson." -Bertha Wagner

"I have to say that Sondra was so helpful to me, as I tried to find hearing aids that were right for me, she went above and beyond for me, and I will be forever grateful to her.  Thank you so much Sondra." -Anonymous patient at Adaptive Audiology Solutions

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