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Patient Testimonials

Thank you so much for visiting our office. Please take a moment to review your experience with us. Providing your feedback allows us to improve our services in order to better serve our patients. 


We are so thankful for our patients. Here are some kind things they had to say about us:

"I give Adaptive Audiology Solutions the highest marks. Dr. Rierson is pleasant, cordial, and extremely proficient in her practice. Both my treatment and my follow up have been excellent. I highly recommend Adaptive Audiology Solutions for hearing healthcare needs." -Allen Tunberg

"My experience with Adaptive Audiology has been personal. The technology Dr. Sondra uses to program my hearing aids allows me to have the best hearing possible. And Susie's quick response for setting up an appointment is also great. Thank you Sondra and Susie." -Leon Williams

"I highly recommend Sondra Rierson. She is very patient and understanding. My son, husband and I have gone to her and I recommend her often. If you need help with your hearing I recommend Adaptive Audiology Solutions."-Thresia Riley

"I really enjoyed seeing Sondra and especially how much she helped me and is still helping me whenever I have a problem. She is very caring and accommodating and I can now hear the birds chirping!"   -Roseann Olson

"I love my new hearing aids, they are so much better than what I had before. They easily adjust and I can just charge them at night-no batteries to deal with! Thanks to Dr. Rierson for helping me, I truly appreciate it." -Wally Auen

"I have had hearing aids for many years and have seen several different audiologists. Sondra worked with another company when I first met her and I found her very knowledgeable and caring about hearing loss. Since then she has now started her own hearing healthcare business and I have been her patient and could not be more pleased. She has all the necessary equipment to test hearing to prescribe the best outcome. I have complete confidence in her and would recommend her to anyone with hearing problems." -Don Petersen

"I wanted to let you that my wife is amazed that I can hear the TV perfectly with the TV streamer. I also tried the music setting in my pickup with my favorite songs. Wow! The hearing aids are extremely clear and pure sounding. I really love my new hearing aids." -Mike Davis

"I have known Sondra for many years and worked with her for five years in hearing healthcare. She is the only Doctor of Audiology in the area and very knowledgeable of hearing and hearing loss. Bob and I both have hearing aids and are very happy with her service. Adaptive Audiology is locally owned by Sondra and she is here to stay. I highly recommend Dr. Rierson for all your hearing concerns."              -Audrey Behrens

"The staff is amazing; very knowledgeable, friendly and accommodating! While I may have had some reservations about getting hearing aids, I can assure you it has been a pleasant experience."               - Linda Koenig

"Enjoyed the customer service, educational info and product pricing. Dr. Rierson was very professional, knowledgeable and took adequate time to address all my questions. I would recommend them very highly to anyone in Western Iowa. Great products and service." -Mike Fink

"Dr. Sondra and Susie are very friendly, their appointments run on time, and they are very thorough. Dr. Rierson makes sure you understand what she is telling you and goes above and beyond to review any issues you may have. Their prices are very reasonable and I would recommend this practice to anybody with hearing issues." -Richard Hart

"Having heard complimentary things about Sondra, I purchased my hearing aids and I am very satisfied with both them and Sondra's friendly, knowledgeable service. Also, I liked the choice of several brands of hearing aids and Sondra's recommendation. I recommend Sondra and Adaptive Audiology." -Marge Meyer

"I am so happy with the way you helped me with my new hearing aid. It works so much better than my old one. I thank God that I have Dr. Sondra as an Audiologist. Both you and Susie are the best, thank you so much!"-Lori Greene

"Sondra has been very helpful with my hearing aid experience. She explained what the hearing aids were capable of and how they work. She instructed me how to take care of them. If I had a problem she investigated and provided a solution right away. I am very pleased with the care I have received from Adaptive Audiology Solutions!" - Rhonda Kreft

"Dr. Rierson is a dedicated and caring person who is everything you would want in an audiologist. She has fit me with two hearing aids and I would go back for a third if the need arises. She truly takes care of making sure everything is right with your hearing aids." -Barbara Fritz

"I have been noticing my hearing has been getting worse over time, especially my left ear. At work, I have a yearly hearing test, and this past year the nurse suggested I should have it checked further by a professional. I chose to go to Sondra Rierson. She was very knowledgeable, helpful and explained everything to me that I asked. From her testing she told me I likely had otosclerosis, which is a bone growth in my middle ear. Sondra suggested surgery, which I was hesitant about at first, but went ahead with it. My left ear can now hear better than my right ear! Thanks to Sondra for her knowledge and also pointing the way to a great surgeon." -Nancy Bowman 

"I really enjoyed meeting and working with Adaptive Audiology Solutions. From start to finish, Susie and Sondra listened to my concerns and my needs, and fitted me with the best hearing aids for me. If I have any problems I can call and they quickly respond and assist me. I recommend them to anyone having hearing problems." -Laurence Schroeder

"Dr. Rierson and her staff provide superb professional service to me and their clients. The hearing exams and any new procedures are thoroughly explained. I particularly like the convenience and cleanliness of the office. Any questions or concerns I have are always answered promptly. The town of Carroll is very fortunate to have access to such a well-informed audiologist, staff and modern facility." -Roger Kanne

"I put off a visit to an audiologist for some time even though I could tell that my hearing was not what it used to be . My children were after me to have my hearing checked. I finally gave in and went to Adaptive Audiology for a hearing test. I wanted to stay local and a friend recommended that I see Dr. Rierson. I am so happy that I went. After the hearing test and seeing the results I realized that my hearing was failing. After I got my hearing aids, I noticed two thing right away-I could turn the TV volume down and I could hear the birds sing. The hearing test, getting the hearing aids and above all else, the excellent service that you get from Dr. Rierson is just great. I'm so glad that I made the decision to improve my hearing." -Jim Ulveling

"Realizing that my hearing was becoming a problem with conversations with family and friends, I opted to seek audiology assistance. My decision to use the services of Adaptive Audiology and Dr. Sondra Rierson was clearly the right choice! Sondra was dedicated to assisting me with finding the right hearing aids for my particular needs. She was professional and extremely knowledgeable in every aspect of making sure I got the right fit and the right type of hearing aids. She welcomed any questions I had and made sure I was comfortable and informed about the care and use of my particular aids. The price was much lower than I expected. The options that were available, Sondra's professionalism and knowledgeable dedication to her clients, and the continued service following my purchase are what made my decision to go to Adaptive Audiology the right choice for me." -Marilyn Buehler  

"I highly recommend! Sondra and Susie go above and beyond to make your experience comfortable and understanding. They actually care about the patients. I have recommended Adaptive Audiology to several people. The fact that they are open late on Thursdays really helps with scheduling around my work." -Steve Cadwallader

"It is so nice to have an audiologist like Dr. Sondra. I know I can trust her to give me the best service and hearing aids that will actually work for me. She knows me and what my needs are and is always very helpful. She explains things and makes the technology understandable and workable. Dr. Sondra and Susie make a great pair and it is always a pleasant experience when I go to their office." -Jeff McCool

"When I realized I was missing out on conversations, struggling with hearing at work and on the phone, I contacted Sondra Rierson at the recommendations of family and friends. I have been so pleased with Sondra and her staff. Sondra was very thorough and explained everything to me and was always great at answering any questions when I come in for a routine check. She fitted me with what I needed. Getting hearing aids from Adaptive Audiology and Sondra Rierson was a great decision. Never regretted it! -Della Lappe

"My first appointment with Dr. Rierson was purely to prove to my friends that there was nothing wrong with my hearing! Well to my surprise when Dr. Rierson showed me the results of my hearing test, it showed I had a 30% hearing loss in both ears. That was a fact I had to come to terms with and Dr. Rierson did not pressure me to get hearing aids.  She simply told me that my hearing loss would get worse over time and that if I decided to get aids, my hearing could be back to almost 100%. It only took me about a week to decide that I didn't want to live the rest of my life asking people to repeat what they had said to me or pretending I understood something that was said when I really didn't. From my first meeting with Dr. Rierson to the present I have felt comfortable with her and enjoy my relationship with her. She is very knowledgeable in a caring way. Susie, her receptionist is very welcoming and thorough also! She and Dr. compliment each other well. I would definitely recommend Dr. Rierson to anyone who is experiencing hearing loss." -Linda Steinkamp

"Gary and I wish to express our thank you to Sondra for opening Adaptive Audiology Solutions. Without her, it just wasn't the same. When we heard she was opening up her own business, Gary said I want to go back to doing business with her. He has confidence in Sondra. Just lately, Sondra and Susie fought to get his hearing aids fixed right. It is great when Gary can hear! Thanks again." -Gary and Deb Keesling

"I am very happy that I chose Adaptive Audiology for my hearing. I believe that Sondra is very caring about her patients with very good skills for [treating] hearing. She is also willing to help if something goes wrong with the hearing aids. Thank you Sondra." -Duane Greving

"As an elderly patient it's difficult to admit to needing hearing aids. You made the decision very easy; would recommend your office to all. The help received was superb, and the adjustment to the aids is easy, especially with all the help from you and knowing I can come back with any problems. The hearing aids are almost invisible and the family thanks you too, as I don't blast them with the volume on the tv! Thank you so much." -Jane Zacker

"I have been very pleased with the service I have received at Adaptive Audiology. Dr. Rierson and her staff have been professional and efficient through my hearing test, purchase of hearing aids and all the follow-up." -Mary Thomas

"Great service. Easy to make an appointment. Good products. Excellent follow-up." -Dr. David Striegel

"I am very pleased with the service and how my new hearing aids have improved how I hear conversations now. The new technology has helped with the sounds that I hear better now than before and also that they can be charged instead of using batteries. I give Sondra and Susie an A+ for service and being there when you have questions. Thank you very much." -Jim Molitor

"The new technology in hearing aids is wonderful. The rechargeable feature is great-no batteries! Less hassle and less expense. I am not totally smartphone savvy, but using the app has been easy and useful. A great way to make adjustments without having to go into the office." -Deon Rowedder

"I knew from my husband's experience that wearing properly adjusted hearing aids is a different story than getting corrective eyeglasses. Because of this [working] locally was an important factor for me. The hearing evaluation I received at Adaptive Audiology was by far the most comprehensive of the three I had prior to getting my hearing aids from Dr. Rierson. The follow-up regular appointments at my convenience has made my adjustment easier as well. The workshops and meetings her office offers have also been a plus." -Lucille Dostal

"My experience with Adaptive Audiology was very good. They helped me almost immediately with my hearing aids. They were very professional, kind and helpful. A great place to go for all your hearing aid needs." -Larry Reiling

"I grew up in the Carroll area and moved to Des Moines after I got married. Started having problems five years ago and was being treated through one of the hospitals my wife works for, but was not getting the help I needed Met Sondra through a friend. She took the time to show me what there was to improve my hearing and what would work best for me. I can now enjoy and participate more with friends and family. Thank you for everything." -Mike Mielk.

"I finally found a hearing specialist that really cares for people with hearing problems--Dr. Sondra Rierson of Adaptive Audiology Solutions. She took the time to make me feel relaxed and comfortable, never rushing. Sondra took extra time to listen to me, to understand my concerns and expectations, and then followed with thorough testing. I'm so thankful for her knowledge, patience, and sincere caring to determine what hearing assistance was best for me and my problem. I greatly appreciate all she did for me!" -John Neumann

"Extremely pleased with the personal, unhurried, thorough, and expert care which my mother received from both Susie and Dr. Sondra. So glad that Mom chose Adaptive Audiology Solutions." -Jay Chapman

"Very knowledgeable, professional and impressed with the hearing aid technology. Sondra showed us multiple devices, tested hearing and got the best device for my husband's needs. Love the bluetooth availability for phone useage." -Mary Dophiede

"Great staff and very easy to work around my work day. Very knowledgeable and took care to make sure I was happy with my hearing aids." -Eddie Renee Schulte

"Very caring and helpful. Mom really enjoys going in for her check ups, and her hearing aids are finally working as they should." -Patty Fricke

"Sondra is very knowledgeable, personable, and easy to work with. She has such a good working knowledge of audiology.  She was able to fit me with a hearing aid that works for me and fit my budget. I recommend her to anyone that needs an audiologist. Thank you for everything!!" -Kay Olson

"Sondra really knows how to treat clients and is very knowledgeable and can handle all the technical details of getting the correct adjustments on your hearing aids." -Clay Winterboer

"I tell everybody that Sondra is an amazing audiologist.  She is great at explaining things to me, so that I understand them.  When she first started working with me, she told me I would be wasting my money amplifying my right ear, which is completely deaf.  She could have sold me a hearing aid, but she was honest with me and put my needs first.  She always takes care of what I need and she goes the extra mile.  She is very professional and reliable.  I love to promote Dr. Rierson and her services to everyone I know!" - Jeff Sebring

"I have been to three other hearing establishments-two in Carroll and one in Ames.  I heard Dr. Rierson's ad on the radio and decided to give it a try.  At the other place I went to I was treated like an old lady and I felt like I meant nothing. With Dr. Rierson, you are a person-your hearing matters and you matter!  She adjusted my hearing aids and sent one in.  I hear better now than the last five years.  TV is a lot better! Thanks Dr. Rierson!"                        -Donna Ankenbauer

"I was visiting my daughter at Auburn.  I am wearing hearing aids, but I was asking "what?" a lot. She took me to Dr. Rierson at Adaptive Audiology. She checked my ears for hearing and for wax.  She gave my hearing aids a good cleaning and adjusted the settings.  My hearing is much better, and I will go back in six months to have them checked again.  I am one happy 98 year old lady thanks to Dr. Rierson." -Bertha Wagner

"I have to say that Sondra was so helpful to me, as I tried to find hearing aids that were right for me, she went above and beyond for me, and I will be forever grateful to her.  Thank you so much Sondra." -Anonymous patient at Adaptive Audiology Solutions