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Cochlear Implants

Adaptive Audiology Solutions is proud to be the only audiology clinic in the Carroll area to offer cochlear implant solutions. Cochlear implants are a surgically implanted medical device that treats hearing loss. The implant allows those with severe to profound hearing impairment the ability to hear and understand speech when hearing aids are no longer enough. Part of the device is implanted under the skin behind the ear, and the electrode that is inserted into the cochlea stimulates the auditory nerve directly, bypassing the damaged hair cells. This restores hearing, allowing for better audibility and understanding of speech sounds.

As a part of the Cochlear Provider Network, our services include diagnostic testing to determine candidacy, programming the implant and all follow-up related care. Dr. Rierson will guide each patient through the candidacy and implant journey in partnership with area surgeons trained in cochlear implant surgery. 

To schedule an evaluation to determine if you are a candidate for this incredible, innovative technology, please contact our office at 712-775-2625 or [email protected].

Cochlear Nucleus Implant System

The Cochlear Nucleus Implant System is a simple, four-step process to restore your hearing. First, a microphone on the exterior of the ear picks up on the sound waves, processes them, and turns it into digital information.

Next, that information is transferred to an implant that is placed just below the skin via a coil. This implant then takes that information and sends an electrical signal down the electrode to your cochlea. At Adaptive Audiology we are part of the Cochlear Provider Network, dedicated to serving you.

Finally, the nerve fibers in your cochlea are stimulated by the electrical signals and send the information to your brain, which is then translated into the sound you hear.

To find out if you’re a candidate for the Cochlear Nucleus Implant System, call our offices today to schedule an appointment. Our team serves Carroll, Denison, and the surrounding areas, so make your appointment today and restore your hearing!

Cochlear Implants