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Adaptive Audiology Solutions is focused on the principle that obtaining care for hearing loss should be straightforward, transparent and as hassle-free as possible. We make it a priority to use a patient-centered approach using the most technologically advanced techniques and tools available. We understand that hearing loss affects everyone differently and therefore strive to offer a customized approach for each patient.  

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As the only locally owned and operated Audiology and Hearing Aid business in Carroll, we offer audiology services that are in person-no talking to an audiologist in another state on a tv screen! We are dedicated to treating our patient's hearing loss not only because we believe in what we do, but also because our patients are also our neighbors. Dr. Rierson is honored to improve the lives of her patients through treating their hearing impairments.  

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By itemizing our services and products, we offer transparency in pricing unlike anything that has been offered locally. When you purchase hearing aids at Adaptive Audiology Solutions, there are no hidden service or clinic fees. This means that you are only paying for what you use and nothing more. For those that wish to buy a service package, our Adaptive Audiology Membership plan is the perfect product for you!

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I have known Sondra for many years and worked with her for five years in hearing healthcare. She is the only Doctor of Audiology in the area and very knowledgeable of hearing and hearing loss. Bob and I both have hearing aids and are very happy with her service. Adaptive Audiology is locally owned by Sondra and she is here to stay. I highly recommend Dr. Rierson for all your hearing concerns.

Audrey Behrens

I wanted to let you that my wife is amazed that I can hear the TV perfectly with the TV streamer. I also tried the music setting in my pickup with my favorite songs. Wow! The hearing aids are extremely clear and pure sounding. I really love my new hearing aids.

Mike Davis

The staff is amazing; very knowledgeable, friendly and accommodating! While I may have had some reservations about getting hearing aids, I can assure you it has been a pleasant experience.

Linda Koenig

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We are the only locally owned and operated Audiology and Hearing Aid business in Carroll, IA. Call us at (712) 775-2625 or contact us to set up an appointment with our audiologist. We offer a FREE consultation to all first time patients! 

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