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Q & A About Over The Counter Hearing Aids

calendar-icon January 5, 2023
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At Adaptive Audiology, we are always happy to assist with questions you have about your hearing aids. A common place people typically like to start on their journey to better hearing is with over-the-counter hearing aids also known as OTC hearing aids. Check out some frequently asked questions our audiologist answers for patients like you every day.

Q: Who can wear OTC hearing aids?

OTC hearing Aid

A: OTC hearing aids will work if you have a mild to moderate degree of hearing loss. They are not effective or recommended for a moderately severe to profound degree of hearing loss. You must be 18 years and older to wear OTC hearing aids. Children should never wear them.

Q: Who can help me pick an OTC hearing aid and set it for my hearing needs?

A: You will make the decision about what you buy, just like any other item on the shelf at a pharmacy or retail store. You may be able to ask the store staff for help, however, these staff members likely do not have any training in hearing loss and hearing technology programming. You will be responsible for programming the device using your smartphone. 

Q: Why should I see an audiologist if I want to get an OTC hearing aid?

A: An audiologist is an expert in hearing healthcare-they have the education to diagnose your hearing condition and can assist you in selecting a device best for you-even if it is an OTC device. You may need an audiologist to assist you with things such as making sure the aids are fit correctly or fixing a problem with the hearing aids. An audiologist can also run a test called real ear measurement to make sure the OTC hearing aids are correctly set for your hearing impairment. 

Q: Does Adaptive Audiology Solutions carry OTC hearing aids?

A: Not currently. This category of hearing aids is very new and Dr. Rierson continues to stay on top of new technologies. At this time, Dr. Rierson has not found a technology she is willing to recommend and stock in her clinics. If that changes, she will let you know! We encourage you to call if you are interested, as new technologies continue to be released every month. 

If you are having trouble with your OTC hearing aids, contact adaptive audiology today for assistance. While this may be new technology for our staff, our background in hearing aid fitting and troubleshooting can help you navigate common issues. We can also make recommendations for customized hearing aids whenever you are ready to make the switch.


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