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Hearing Rehab

Hearing Rehab is known within the audiology profession as "aural rehabilitation". It encompasses any activity that helps rehabilitate hearing. Studies show that this is an under-utilized resource in the treatment of hearing loss. Dr. Rierson is excited about what Hearing Rehab can offer her patients. 

"I studied it at the University of Iowa and University of Minnesota, but it has really changed with the development of technology. I have always felt that more of this was needed in hearing healthcare, and I am excited to offer it at my practice."

Hearing therapy at Adaptive Audiology Solutions includes the following:

  • We offer informational videos, available for viewing both while at Adaptive Audiology or at home on your personal computer or mobile device. Our patients enjoy coming into our office and being able to watch informational content on hearing loss and hearing aid technologies while they wait for their hearing aid cleaning or other service to be completed.  
  • Dr. Rierson offers Hearing Therapy classes monthly. Contact our office to learn more and to sign up for this unique service.
  • Adaptive Audiology Solutions also offers a unique, home based computer program that provides hearing training. This program is tailored to each patient's unique needs. You don't have to wear hearing aids to try this program, in fact, it can even help people that feel they "aren't ready" for hearing aids. To learn more please contact our office.

Hearing Therapy topics include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Communication strategies to hear better in noise.
  • Communication strategies for family and friends of the hearing impaired.
  • Tools and tricks to hear better on the phone
  • Tools to help you hear the television more clearly
  • Information about cochlear implants and candidacy criteria
  • Information about other surgical techniques to improve hearing
  • The latest technology in hearing aids
  • What to expect from a thorough hearing test
  • How to maximize the use of your hearing aids
  • How to care for your hearing aids
  • Why do I hear but not understand speech?
  • Tinnitus-what is is and what can be done about it?
  • How to prevent further hearing loss

Contact our office at 712-775-2625 to learn more about this service!