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Tinnitus Treatment Options

Commonly described as hearing a ringing, buzzing, hissing or other sound in your ears or head, tinnitus isn’t caused by an external noise. These sounds are heard only by the person experiencing the tinnitus. Tinnitus can have debilitating effects, but there are treatment options! In Carroll and Dennison, IA, Adaptive Audiology is here to provide those tinnitus treatment options.

To learn more about the symptoms and causes of tinnitus, see our resources page: Understanding tinnitus

To determine the treatment plan for your tinnitus, an audiologist must conduct a complete medical history, a full diagnostic test of your hearing, and a questionnaire rating the severity of your tinnitus. We also recommend an examination by your healthcare provider prior to obtaining tinnitus treatment. To schedule an appointment with Adaptive Audiology to start the evaluation process, call us today!

What Treatments Are Available for Tinnitus?

Tinnitus can be caused by many things and is usually a symptom of an underlying condition in the auditory cortex. Our approach at Adaptive Audiology Solutions is individualized and is based upon three main factors: the condition that is causing the tinnitus, the severity, and the impact the tinnitus has on daily activities. Learn more about the NEW treatments available. Treatment may encompass one or all of the following:

Hearing Aids

Most commonly, tinnitus is a symptom of hearing loss. For those that suffer from hearing loss and tinnitus, about 60% find relief from hearing aids alone. If after treating the hearing loss, the tinnitus persists, sound therapy and other components of tinnitus treatment are introduced.

Sound Therapy

For those with normal hearing, sound therapy obtained through an app or other device can be very beneficial, especially when used with other types of tinnitus therapy. For others, an ear-level sound generating device is best. These devices produce a synthesized sound, almost music-like in quality. Barely audible, this sound therapy encourages both relaxation and habituation. This technology is also incorporated in hearing aids so that both hearing loss and tinnitus can be treated simultaneously. 

Relaxation Techniques And Sleep Strategies

Because there is such a strong link between tinnitus and stress, relaxation is an important part of tinnitus treatment.  Resources to help you with relaxation and tools to improve your sleep will be provided.

Cognitive Behavioral Counseling for Tinnitus Treatment

For some patients with severely negative reactions, more is needed to alleviate the stress and pain of tinnitus. CBI is designed to identify negative or unwanted thoughts and behaviors hindering natural habituation, challenge their validity, and replace them with alternative and logical thoughts and behaviors.[1]

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